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Hello loves! As you can probably already tell, my name is Bethani Rose! I’m a 24 year old self-taught makeup artist and curvy fashionista whose main goal is to inspire. My dream is to be a role model because I want everyone of all ages, every race and sex to feel beautiful in their skin! I believe there is good in everyone, sometimes you just have to dig a little deep. I want to help everyone find the beauty within themselves, but I also want to teach people that if you put your mind and heart to it, you will achieve your goals and dreams.

I’m a 24 year old self-taught makeup artist and curvy fashionista whose only goal is to inspire.

I have been working really hard to expand my YouTube channel because I am so passionate about everything beauty and fashion! The opportunities that blogging and YouTube brings is incredible, social media is amazing. I hope to work with my dream companies!

Let’s get to know my personal life a little better!

My birthday is February 13th, the day before Valentine’s day (probably a huge reason I’m a sucker for romance). I feel like I was honestly born to shop, I tell everyone that shopping is my cardio, haha! I’m absolutely head over heels in love with my boyfriend, Matthew (he prefers Matt). You know those fairy tale endings in every Disney movie that every little girl wants to believe they’ll have one day? Well I’m the luckiest woman to say that I have my fairy tale ending. I kissed some pretty terrible frogs until I finally found the one to turn into my King! Matt treats me like the Queen of the world and makes me so happy (and crazy haha :-P). There is nothing is this world that beats being in love with someone who makes you smile every single day!


I also have the best family in the entire world. My parents are my best friends and I don’t know where I would be without them! They are so honest and loving, I don’t know how I got so lucky. Living away from them makes me appreciate them so much more, our 10-15 minute phone conversations make my entire day so much better. I have a cute little group of friends that I am so in love with, they seriously are the best. Double dates are our favorites and we’re really happy with our little group. I am so blessed at this time of my life, I would have never pictured this being my future.

My secret is that I’m hoping to become successful through the internet (YouTube & blogging) and create my own lipstick line! Lipstick has always been my thing & because of my large lips, I tend to get a bunch of compliments on the different shades I wear. I love lipstick and making a my own line would be the greatest dream come true.

I hope y’all enjoy my blog, I am so excited to share this journey will all of you. Thank you for following me this far!


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